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Adult Channel

Koko päivä
lauantai 10.3.2012

05:10 Fuck My Big British Tits

Ep. 3. Steve Hooper is back and this time he's with this busty cookie, it's her first boy/girl scene and he can't wait to be smothered in her big British tits!

05:30 A Day In The Life Of Danny D

Ep. 4. Brunette stunner Ferrara Gomez is washing her car whilst blonde beauty Caprice sunbathes. Danny D stops to ask them if they have a number for a mechanic as his car has broken down. In return for the number, these naughty whores want his cock in all their holes. Watch as this hot and steamy scene unfolds. You won't be disappointed.

05:50 Country Cousins

Ep. 1. Lexi and Hannah pick up their innocent French cousin from the train station. While walking home through the countryside, they are picked up by 'flash' Steve. Steve drives them home and gets seduced by three young randy girls in the garden for his trouble. Innocent Tiffany tastes her first cock!

06:10 Breast Strokers III

Episode 4. We invited Elle Brook to show off her new set of Wonder Twins and we set out hunting for some Random who'd be up for a bit of Breast Stroking. We found Johnny, who couldn't believe his luck when he got to mount Elle's Twin Peaks.

06:35 Dirty Little Club Sluts

Ep. 4. Black beauty Kit has been checking out a muscular stud all night at the club, so she takes him to the toilet to give him the ride of his life in this sexy pussy fucking scene that will have you reaching for your cock in no time!

06:55 Chalet Girls

Episode 6. After receiving a high-altitude blow job from Theo and the girls, snowboarders Steve and Clarke find Kelly sulking on the slopes. They take her back to their chalet and decide a threesome is what she needs to cheer her up.

07:15 XXXcream

Ep. 3. Tatum's boyfriend, policeman Dewey, is investigating the scene of Cherry's death with his new partner, a young blonde rookie. They investigate the crime scene and interview the boyfriend, but he does not want to co-operate. Dewey decides to play 'good cop bad cop', but the rookie plays a very good cop indeed.

07:30 Closedow


00:00 Freeview

00:10 Country Cousins

Ep. 1. Lexi and Hannah pick up their innocent French cousin from the train station. While walking home through the countryside, they are picked up by 'flash' Steve. Steve drives them home and gets seduced by three young randy girls in the garden for his trouble. Innocent Tiffany tastes her first cock!

00:30 Toilet Trash

Episode 3. When Tammie is shown around a house by an estate agent, she didn't count on getting stuck in the bathroom with him. To pass the time, she lets him slam her over the bath, and spunk in her mouth.

01:00 Freeview

01:10 Dirty Squirty Filthy MILFys

Episode 2. Anna P joins the naughty trio of mother lovers and is soon losing control of her bodily functions and squirting across the room. Once she has been rinsed dry by Cyprus, it's time for Marino and Pascal have a go...

01:35 Daddy's Spoilt Little Bitch

Ep. 2. Following a massive hangover, Arabella decides to get fit, and ditch her wild ways. But the sight of her personal trainer's 'package' brings out the slut in her, and she decides to switch the dumbbells for a pussy full of cock.

02:00 Freeview

02:10 Snow Job

Ep. 4. Tiffany is caught breaking in to steal back the jewels. The boys decide a very dirty double penetration is in order, and Serena eggs them on to do so.

02:30 XXXcream

Ep. 4. Tatum is at home when the killer strikes. After a bit of pleading, Tatum offers up her body as a last resort. The masked killer looks her up and down and decides that maybe the murdering can wait until after the sex.

02:50 Uniform Perv

Episode 3. These girls slowly slip out of a sexy uniform and fuck themselves for your one-to-one pleasure. Tonight, a sexy secretary wants you to work late with her...

03:00 Freeview

03:10 Girls With Guns II

Episode 4. Military girls Isabella and Keisha are POWs locked up in a cage. They must seduce the guard to steal his gun and escape! Not forgetting to release fellow prisoner Jay for some hot girl/girl/guy action!

03:30 Long Hard Fuck

Episode 3. Theo has been trailing Steve through winding city streets for a while now, but she can't get close enough to give him what he deserves. When he ducks into the shady joint across the street for a whisky and a whore, Theo seizes her chance...

03:45 Poppy's Party Animals

Episode 3. As the party heats up, brunette Carla drags James into another bedroom to seduce him. He pulls up her gold dress and licks her juicy pussy before she sucks his hard cock. They fuck hard and fast until he spunks on her tiny tummy.

04:05 Couples Seeking Teens

Ep. 1. Horny swingers Mark and Summer find just what they're looking for in the weekly classifieds. a teenage slut who wants to come round and play.

04:25 Mothers And Daughters

Ep. 3. Mum Karina and daughter Megan have gone to a kinky fetish store to try on some hot PVC. As they are in the changing rooms, they both start to fantasise about the sexy salesman. Will their fantasies become a reality?

04:45 Couples Seeking Teens

Ep. 2. Moaning housewife Rebecca is complaining she's not getting enough action from her lazy husband. She enrols the help of their teenage cleaner to get him in the mood so that she can get a piece too.

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