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Adult Channel

sunnuntai 6.5.2012

05:00 MILFs Cheat With Black Meat

Ep. 5. Within every suburb lays a sex-hungry MILF who is begging for a nasty screw. Luckily, stallion Nico is just around the corner, armed with his big meaty member. He's ready to satisfy their dirty desires the moment their husbands leave for work!

05:20 Carly's Mature Couples

Ellis & Evie. Rock musician Ellis and former model Evie have invited Carly to their home, where Evie has donned some super sexy lingerie for the occasion. Carly soon has them shagging on the sofa where she films and later trades places with Evie, she soon gets to sink his big dong right into her tight wet slit!

05:45 Porn Of The Dead

Episode 5. Len has organised a séance for all our explorers; he tells them that it's the perfect way to contact deathly spirits. It soon becomes apparent, however, that the only thing Len wants to contact is Sammy Jo's arse with his hand and an orgy ensues...

06:05 Muff Driver

Ep. 3. Kerry Louise is a high flying business exec. After closing a multi-million pound deal, she needs to celebrate and calls upon her driver Demetri to show her a filthy time.

06:30 Chalet Girls

Episode 5. After a heavy night out, Theo and the girls are sleeping when they're disturbed by a strange noise. Rushing to the chalet next door for help, they bring back a group to investigate, but once everything is clear an orgy soon begins....

06:45 A Week In Provence

Episode 4. George walks up the driveway towards the stables where Maria is working during her summer holiday. Maria is frustrated as she wants to lose her virginity, and George is only too happy to help!

07:10 XXXcream

Ep. 3. Tatum's boyfriend, policeman Dewey, is investigating the scene of Cherry's death with his new partner, a young blonde rookie. They investigate the crime scene and interview the boyfriend, but he does not want to co-operate. Dewey decides to play 'good cop bad cop', but the rookie plays a very good cop indeed.

07:30 Closedow


00:00 Freeview

00:10 Sisters

Ep. 1. Sisters Michelle Moist and Valerie Foxx argue about who is the better lover. Enter Seb who is about to find out.

00:30 Carrie Goes Camping

Episode 5. George comes to the rescue of the girls whose tent has broken and it's begun to rain. He soon gets their shelter erected and then the girls help him erect something else.

01:00 Freeview

01:10 Ripped, Stripped And Shagged II

Episode 2. These filthy sluts love taking their cock hard and fast. Turned on by having their clothes ripped from them, their pussies are also left in tattered pieces as they take a hammering!

01:30 Marino's MILF Castings

Ep. 1. Marino returns with his eager sidekick Tony to cast some of the nation's filthiest MILFs, the more they're offered the further they go!

02:00 Freeview

02:10 Girls With Guns II

Episode 2. Sexy Sarah Twain ties up three guys and sets them off running for their lives through a derelict building. She hunts them down one by one with her enormous machine gun! Last one alive gets to fuck her brains out!

02:30 Marino's MILF Castings

Ep. 2. Marino returns with his eager sidekick Tony to cast some of the nation's filthiest MILFs, the more they're offered the further they go!

03:00 Freeview

03:10 Bombay Babes

Episode 3. Marty is due to marry a lovely Indian girl next week, but is terrified of what to expect in the bedroom. He calls Randy for some advice, and soon finds himself being taught all the positions of the Kama Sutra by Randy's attractive young secretary.

03:30 Dirty Little Club Sluts

Ep. 1. Gorgeous Megan Coxxx loves that she's an exhibitionist. Whilst getting ready to go out, she turns herself on and has to masturbate with her dildo. Megan soon meets up with her fuck buddy James Deen who loves to get dirty and naughty in public.

03:50 Ben Dover's Bad Girls

Ep. 3. Beautiful Keira comes down for a shoot with Ben at his studio, horny and gagging for a shag as she hasn't had cock for two weeks!

04:15 Mums In Charge

The Executive. Steve Hooper is under pressure. He's about to be made redundant and will do anything to keep his job, so he convinces his horny boss Amica to have an orgasmic office encounter!

04:35 Fuck My Big British Tits

Ep. 4. Andy Mann is joined by this fine busty beauty. It's her first time and she's up for anything! She begins by straddling him with her enormous jugs, she then wanks his cock until she can't take any more, and guides his dick straight into her soaking wet pussy!

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