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Adult Channel

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sunnuntai 27.5.2012

05:00 Couples Seeking Teens

Ep. 4. University student Keira is staying with her parents' friends during the semester break. The couple are surprised to see just how much she's grown and what she now likes to get up to.

05:20 Me & My Mum Like It Hard

Episode 1. Kerry-Louise has brought boyfriend Alex home to meet her mum. Alex can't help but admire her mum's assets, and when he's caught he's shocked to learn Kerry finds that a turn-on, and then he soon discovers they share everything...

05:45 MILFs & Teens

Episode 1. When the taxi driver drops her off, a desperate MILF is determined to pay her fare in pussy...

06:05 Me & My Mum Like It Hard

Episode 4. Stacey brings her new boyfriend Matt round to meet her mum Claire who soon pounces on the shy lad. Stacey catches them and admits they have the same taste in men so Matt soon gets more than just a friendly introduction into the family...

06:30 MILFs & Teens

Episode 5. Keni is helping out Hannah in the kitchen as she throws a dinner party. However, this MILF is hungry for Keni's special dish of sausage and sauce...

06:45 Mothers And Daughters

Ep. 1. In this new film, Relish attempts to answer the age-old question: who would you rather fuck: a moist MILF or a tasty teen? We've found mums and their daughters who are willing to go toe to toe (and tit to tit) to find out.

07:05 MILFs & Teens

Episode 6. Lodger Clarke is fast asleep when his landlady brings him tea. Seeing her chance to take advantage of the sleeping stud this desperate MILF cops a feel of some lodger todger...

07:20 Mothers And Daughters

Ep. 2.In this new film, Relish attempts to answer the age-old question: who would you rather fuck: a moist MILF or a tasty teen? We've found mums and their daughters who are willing to go toe to toe (and tit to tit) to find out.

07:30 Closedow


00:00 Freeview

00:10 Sisters

Ep. 4. Stacey Lacey is the gooseberry at her sister's picnic with her boyfriend Marc. After being told to leave, Stacey can't help but watch as her sister Lissa Love gets banged by her boyfriend and decides to join in on the action.

00:30 From Dusk 'til Porn

Episode 3. Soho: A seething mass of sex shops and nightclubs populated by the seedy underbelly of society. Lurking undetected in this den of iniquity is an even greater evil - The Vampire

01:00 Freeview

01:10 Ripped, Stripped And Shagged II

Episode 5. These filthy sluts love taking their cock hard and fast. Turned on by having their clothes ripped from them, their pussies are also left in tattered pieces as they take a hammering!

01:30 Toilet Trash

Episode 1. Jasmine's lost her car keys, and desperately needs a piss. She knocks on a random door, and ends up getting her ebony pussy licked and fucked in the bathroom!

01:50 Uniform Perv

Episode 4. These girls slowly slip out of a sexy uniform and fuck themselves for your one-to-one pleasure. Tonight, come and play with our cheeky cheerleader...

02:00 Freeview

02:10 Girls With Guns II

Episode 5. We join the action in mid-car chase! Michelle B makes a return as a leather-clad greaser being chased by Lolly Badcock! A cat fight ensues, but some masked men want to play. The girls team up, take down the guys and get it on!

02:30 Made In Italy

Episode 1. Recently arrived in Tuscany, the girls are having a coffee and deciding what to do when they ask another tourist for directions. Soon they all find their way back to their villa and lead their new friend into a full-on open-air orgy.

03:00 Freeview

03:10 To The Manor Porn

Episode 1. Lady Mousentouchet keeps the bailiffs at bay with payment in kind. She proffers up her body's treasures to rescue the family jewels.

03:30 Dirty Little Club Sluts

Ep. 4. Black beauty Kit has been checking out a muscular stud all night at the club, so she takes him to the toilet to give him the ride of his life in this sexy pussy fucking scene that will have you reaching for your cock in no time!

03:50 The New UK Student House

Episode 2. Susie is with her boyfriend in the new house, he soon takes advantage of all her holes when they realise no one is around.

04:15 Snow Job

Ep. 3. Steve's wife Megan will do anything if the price is right, and after a shopping trip in Chamonix, she indulges her new husband with some very passionate sex.

04:35 Mums In Charge

The Mechanic. When MILF Valentina spies a sexy mechanic out of her window, she knows she needs his tool, so calls him up to her flat for a full service!

04:50 Marino's Two Chicks & One Dick

Episode 2. Locked away up in the roof of the penthouse is Tony James and the delightful Alysha Leigh and Loz Lorrime. This sexy, hot bedroom scene sees Tony serving up enough inches for both young ladies to more than satisfy their lust for cock.

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